What is New Satosthi free mining app

Today I am introducing another mysterious app for making money without any investment join this mysterious app freby clicking my joining link!

We are waiting for the digital currency to succeed Bitcoin, Ethereum.
Bitcoin mining is the process of verifying new transactions to the Bitcoin digital currency system, as well as the process by which new bitcoin enter into circulation. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is traded for goods or services as payment.
Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoins by solving extremely complicated math problems that verify transactions in the currency. When a bitcoin is successfully mined, the miner receives a predetermined amount of bitcoin.
Let’s make it simple. You just give the app permission or the miner so they can mine satoshi and give you comission of what they mined.
Pi network with 23 million subscribers, One network building an active ecosystem for currency utilization
It could be an alternative.
And here's BTCs mining named Bitcoin and founder Satoshi.
It is highly anticipated whether Satoshi app, which is as sophisticated as its name, will be able to realize the future of decentralized and digital currency.

☆ BTCs mining (satoshi) >

1) It is an independent app and subscribes through the link of the recommender without the app support from Google Play and IOS.
2) Mining volume:
a) When a user joins, they generate 0.0008 blocks per 10 minutes at a rate of 100K, and sometimes access and collect blocks.
* When there are 150 blocks, stop producing blocks until the user collects them.
b) Hash increase method The first recommendation increases by 20%, and if there is a second level lower user, there is a 10% increase.
c) There is a gift card in the second way, and if I get another user's gift card and put the code in my gift card, it increases by 30%, but I do it only once.
d) There is a hash card in the third way, and when the card is opened, another user puts the code into the card with the same hash ratio and usually 5 people kick it, the high hash ratio is compensated and reset.
3) KYC and wallet support is not available yet.
4) A half-life comes after four years.
5) Satoshi Coin is the brother of Bitcoin and is signed by Satoshi in the white paper. Mobile Bitcoin mining has begun.
Sign up and use it, and you'll feel it's the best mobile mining application ever.
6) The total number of publications has been 2.1 billion and 180 million so far. Since the amount of mining per individual is low, it is expected to be mined for a long time, such as Bitcoin, and to make a big profit later on.
BTCs mining app is legit and its complexity is different from other crypto mining apps. The highlights of the apps is Satoshi coin (BTCs). BTC is just an incentives for recruited miners who verified their identity (KYC).

The project is free and fair, and is serious to recreating the crypto ecosystem. Get Onboard with the early birds to mine BTCs. The registration and mining is free with or without referral.

It is said this will be the next BT

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