What are the organic components of bone


Do you know that the organic component the bone forms nearly 50% of the dry weight of the bone . For your information the bone consists of collagen but noncollagenous proteins are also of Bone Matrix.

And the collagen accounts for more than 90% of the organic component the bone matrix. A very high content of collagen makes the bone resistant to tensile stresses.

While the noncollagenous proteins constitute only 10% of the organic components of the bone matrix, but these  are very important for the development , growth and repair of the bone tissue. 

The noncollagenous proteins of the bone are categories as!


This consist of a core of protein which is covalently attached to side chains of glycosaminoglycans. The proteoglycans enable the bone to withstand pressure and compression.

Multiadhesive glycoprotein!

Multiadhesive glycoproteins, ensure adhesion of the bone cells and collagen fibers to the mineralized bone matrix. The chief multiadhesive protein of the bone tissue is osteonectin, but some other multiadhesive glycoproteins like bone sialoprotein-1 (BSP-1, also called osteopontin) and bone sialoprotein-2 (BSP-2) are also present.


Osteocalcin is a special calcium-binding protein usually found in the bone tissue. The osteocalcin captures calcium ions from the blood circulating in the capillaries. Therefore Osteocalcin plays an important role in the mineralization of the bone tissue.

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