How Google Search Console work and rank your website

Everyone who are interesting to start a website should read this article before starting a website because if you want to write for a long time and want to contribute your knowledge to the world you should know about Google Search Console.

For your knowledge Google Search Console is a collection of all tools and reports that allow webmasters (and anyone who operates a website really) to monitor, manage, write, improve and rank their websites. It is a type of  web service provided free by Google it means free of any cost, that gives you all information about your website and the people who visit it daily and sometimes.

By using Google Search Console it is easy for you to  optimize your website a lot easier and it will be ranking on Google first page.

In 2015 it was called Google webmaster Tools. 

You should know that your GSC (Google search console) account is full of useful information about how your website is showing , ranking and performing in search results in all over the world. It maybe from mobile usability reports to visibility and click through tracking, etc.

Now it depends on you if you're willing about managing and optimizing your website, you should keep in mind that your GSC account is your nerve center for understanding when, where and how your site is appearing in Google.

If you're new to Google Search Console, you'll need to add and verify your site(s) before you can do anything else. Adding and verifying your site in Search Console proves to Google that you're either a site's owner, webmaster, or other authorized user. After all, Search Console provides you with all sorts of incredibly detailed information and insights about a site's performance. Google doesn't want to hand that kind of information over to anybody who asks for it.

How to add your website in Google search console!

If you are ready to add your website to Google search console then lets get started.

 First step, log into your Search Console account. Once you're logged in, you'll see a box next to a red button which says "Add Property."

Second step is to enter the URL of your site trying to add in the box and click "Add Property." Great congratulations, your site is now added to your Search Console account and ready to show on google search.

Third step is to ,you will be asked to verify your site. There are a few different step which are very easy and you can go about this. Which method will work best for it depends on you,it will more easy for you if you are little bit  experience working with HTML, there is an option for you if you have access to upload files to the site .

Google search console is very powerful free tool. What do you think about ranking on google search console, it means that you are competing against other websites for being on the top position. But they are not bound to tell us why another website is on ranking. Because GSC have many reasons for their ranking. May another website is ranking because of using backlinks of unique websites more than your website. It maybe because of strong keywords.

There are many questions about Google Search console, according to Wikipedia

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