What is GATE general Aptitude test

 GAT (graduate assessment test) is a standardized test for the purpose of scanning students for further admission in post graduate courses in  various colleges and universities across the country and scholarship for study abroad. It is very important test and required for admission into public sector universities for master's degree and M.Phil programs. 

You need to learn a whole new set of skills for the GAT.

In graduate assessment test is to access the verbal, analytical and quantitative abilities of the applicant.

Difference between GAT and college or university test

For your information when you attend college or university test at that level your teachers concentrate to give you more difficult questions, for the purpose to spend more time on those questions than on easier once.

While in GAT all questions are worth the same,it doesn't need to spend most time,every student can spend the same time that exactly needs to solve it.

In university or college test practical credit is important for attempting a complicated math or english test,it means if your answer on an English test is not the required answer but instead you make a good argument for it,then your relavent teacher will give you at least some credit but not full credit because of lack of original answer.

While in GAT this formula is not applicable, because you can select  only one answer for the given question. There is only one right answer for each question and no chance for partial credit.

These difference will have a major impact on how you will have to change the way you take the GAT for the achievement of your maximum score.

Basic needs for GAT

The applicant must prepare for the following type of questions!
1/ Verbal Reasoning
2/ Quantitative Reasoning
3/ Analytical Reasoning
Full preparation for GATE General Aptitude test will help the students to prepare more effectively for the GATE exam. Click the link below 👇 for any question all beneficial information is provided here!

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