What is tourism its type and advantage


Everybody knows about tourism but basically tourism is the activities of person or community travelling to and staying in places outside their usual living environment for not more than one  year for personal leisure ,recreation, business or other professional purposes


Generally these people are called visitors,if their trip does not include an overnight stay and we called it a tourist if it does include an overnight or less than one year stay. The purpose of their trip can be of any reason. By this way tourism is decided to many types some of these are!


Domestic tourism, 
Inbound tourism, and 
Outbound tourism.

Domestic tourism is an activities of a visitor within their country of residence and outside of their home (e.g. there stay will be inside their country)

While Inbound tourism is the type of tourism in which the activities of a visitor from outside of country of residence.

In such a way Outbound tourism is  the activities of a visitor outside of their country of residence.

Domestic tourism is comprises during the school holidays, particular Easter and Summer. With the demands of international visitors requires specialist knowledge, cultural understanding and investment during visits.

Advantages of tourism!

Tourism especially outbound tourism is the largest and fastest-growing industry across the world. It is a big source of revenue and employment. It  gives the practical opportunity especially for students to understand the culture, civilization, and religious  of another country. Therefore there are many countries whos believes for their main source of revenue by Tourism only.

Because the people who travel to other countries will definitely spend a large amount of money on accommodation, transportation, hoteling,sightseeing, Study expenses, shopping etc. Therefore all type of tourism especially an outbound tourism is an important source of foreign exchange for every country. My personal trip to a zoo.

Tourism and hospitality, which are  linked to each other, and these are among the major revenue-earning enterprises in all over the world. There has been a trend in tourism over the last few decades and travel has become quite common. The travel for business, vacation, pleasure, adventure or even medical treatments is also a great importance.
Traveling generating employment as well as earning foreign exchange. There are many countries in the world,  whose economies are primarily driven by only tourism. Tourism can contribute to the economic growth of a country.
There are many forms of tourism, some of which are as follow!

Forms of tourism!

Sports Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
Virtual Tourism
War Tourism
Wildlife Tourism
Adventure Tourism
Atomic Tourism
Bicycle Tours
Beach Tourism
Cultural Tourism
Industrial Tourism
Medical Tourism
Religious Tourism
Rural Tourism
Sex Tourism
Space Tourism etc.
In 1997 it was declared by WTTC(The World Travel and Tourism Council) that the twenty-first-century economy of the world would be dominated by three industries: telecommunications, information technology, and tourism.
Thee tourism and hospitality industries are therefore very vulnerable to the fluctuations of national economies and happenings in all over the world.

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