History of US Dollar

Dollar is an unchanging unit from the last 426 years. Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th US president issued for the first time $1 bill in 1862 as a legal tender note (legal tender is a form of money approved by the government). The large-format bill featured a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, who served as US Secretary of the Treasury during the Civil War.

The first United States dollar notes were published as demand notes to fund the Civil War of 1861. The notes were known as greenbacks because of their green color. The legal tender, called the United States Notes, was first published in 1862, and a standardized system for printing the notes was first developed in 1869. The size of first dollar was large portrait of chase, while with the passage of time some changes occurred like current dollar have treasury seal printed with green ink, while it's original seal was printed in red . There are 34 spike around the seal which symbolize the 34 state of the union.

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