Best review on university of Toronto

The university of Toronto, Ontario, Canada since its inception in 1827 has developed into Canada's leading institution of learning. The University of Toronto is the leading Canadian research university as well. Even by the standards of large state schools, this institution is utterly massive with over 80,000 students, 20,000 faculty and staff, and 530,000 alumni around the world. The University represents a historic building of over 100 years old discovery and knowledge creation. U of T welcome to the well qualified students from all over the world,in Toronto university about 21% of students are international from 168 countries. You can choose from 215 graduate, 60 professional, and more than 700 undergraduate degree programs spread over three different campuses. The student body represents over 150 nations. The school has 44 libraries with over 21 million holdings, and an operating budget of $1.9 billion; it contributes $15.7 billion to the Canadian economy every year.
Toronto has produced no fewer than 10 Nobel Prizes, including the first two from Canada. Given its immense size and resources coupled with the world-class intellects it attracts, it should come as no surprise that Toronto ranks second in North American publications and third in North American citations. 
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