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Kingston University of the United kingdom is  one of the prestigious  public research university located in Kingston upon Thames, South West London near river.
Starting as a Kingston Technical Institute in 1899, offering different unique courses for its students such as dressmaking, clay modelling and electric wiring.
Later in 1970 the institute had become Kingston Polytechnic, and was home to 34 leading courses. Kingston Polytechnic turned into the Kingston University it is today according to Wikipedia.
Kingston University is now the top institution for fashion, journalism and publications. Kingston University has been rated among the best institutions in top ranking Universities

Kingston university is located in a historic riverside town between the borders of London and Surrey, and is surrounded by shops, bars, and restaurants of all facilities .Kingston upon Thames also has easy access to countryside and city, and central London is just a 25-minute train journey away.
A great achievement of Kingston University is that it won a Guardian newspaper award for teaching excellence, receiving specific praise for the inclusivity and accessibility of its courses in all aspects.

The university has approximately, over 2,500 staff and an annual budget of around £203 million. The university is also famous for one of the town’s biggest employers. Furthermore, its researchers and academics record is speechless.

Academic Requirements for Admission

At least one year of university study by the time of your enrolment at Kingston University and a  GPA of at least 2.75 on a 1-4 scale or equivalent qualification is important.
Kingston also welcomes mature students and those without standard qualifications.

They also offers a host of public lectures, exhibitions and opens its sports and health facilities to local residents and students.

 Kingston University also work for sustainable development and ranks on the top and Planet’s Green League Table. Big achievement of Kingston university is its collaboration with the local community on environmental projects, such as recycling.
Kingston university student got popularity on international level in which 
English actor Ben Barnes,
Sophie Hulme  famous accessories and handbag designer are the top one.
For your more information Kingston is one of the safest boroughs in London, with  low crime rate significantly lower than both the England and the London average.

Kingdom university updating their rules and regulations constantly to know about their updating criteria follow their page on Facebook page of Kingston University
The applicants who applied for a course that doesn’t require an interview, they will be invited to an Applicant Experience Day. These days are designed to be ‘a day in the life of’, where you’ll be able to test drive your course and connect with the students who will be in the same classes as you. 
Tours are arrange on a regular basis and provide an opportunity for you to visit if you cannot make an Open Day.

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