How to increase ferritin levels

FERRITIN is the intracellular protein that stores iron in a non toxic form and releases it in a controlled manner. It is also to know that high level of Ferritin is very dangerous because it can damage your joints,heart, pancreas and liver. On the other hand lower than normal ferritin levels indicate that you have an iron deficiency in case when you don't consume enough iron in diet. Therefore routine test is the best way to know your Ferritin level exactly.
To find out Ferritin deficiency level a simple blood test is performed to determine its level.
Ferritin level can be increased by taking iron-rich supplements and by eating iron rich foods.Wikipedia

Normal levels of Ferritin

Normal level of Ferritin in males are 12-300 ng/ml .
Normal level of Ferritin in females 12-150 ng/ml.

Sign and symptoms of low ferritin levels

In case when your ferritin levels are  low, you may feel fatigued .Fatigue can often be linked to low iron in the blood. You may feel dizziness, chronic headache and unexplained weakness.

Therefore proper diet should be taken in a satiation when your ferritin level is low.

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