In Dubai one of the most popular university is AURAK i.e The American University of Ras Al Khaimah, which is state-owned institution and it provides an American model of education. It's ranking #10 in the UAE, #5 in the Arab region. American University of Dubai got 5- star rating from QS.
It is situated in one of the UAE’s top tourist-attracting emirate, with its serene beaches and beautiful mountains away only 10 minutes distance, and from Dubai only 45 minutes away.
Full information about admission,fee and scholarship for national and international students!
AURAK is also popular for highly competitive tuition fees, up to 100% scholarships, and free transportation! They are committed to offering students a top-quality American education at an affordable tuition fee, for national and international students.
AURAK program for employment-related offers 25 unique programs for bachelor's and Master's levels.
AURAK offers 100% scholarship for brilliant Students.
At that time about 26 nation faculty members are working day and night for upgrading the university.

The AURAK are designed to respond to the latest needs of a changing world and market demand. Students are provided with an exceptional learning techniques focused on career and to concentrate the necessary skills to prepare them for their brilliant future careers. Its campus facility is spread over 1.3 million square feet with 39 modern labs, on-campus student residence, AURAK also provide indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and has easy access to beaches, mountains, and major city centers for students and staff as well.