According to my travelling experience to this beautiful group of islands I thought to share my top reasons why you should visit to Maldives.
As everybody knows that Maldives is famous for a number of reasons. Today I am going to discuss some of  interesting facts that why Maldives got number one position in all countries. Maldives is famous for its sprawling greenery, pristine beach, fascinating landmarks and its vibrant culture. 
For your information Dhivehi is the national language of the Maldives and it is a mixture of various languages including Arabic, French, Portuguese, Persian and English. Dhivehi is an Indo-Aryan language which is derived from the Sinhalese.

As Maldives has numerous enchanting landmarks, it is also famous for water sports and other adventure activities. Maldives got world most likely taurist traveling place in the world 🌎

Its water is  crystalline  with beautiful shades of sea green and blue, oscillating palm trees, and shining  white sand under the blue sky is marvelous. I have no any definition for its luxury and tranquility.Weather of Maldives is pleasent throughout the year, that makes Maldives a great choice for an idyllic beach getaway for tourist

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As you are looking the images so it is clear that Maldives is a tropical holiday destination in the Indian Ocean. The island of Maldives are very relaxed.

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The famous food of Maldives are Masroshi, Gulha and Bis Keemiya which are made of flour dough with nice filling of fish, onions, chillies and coconut  toasted or fried. And the household food are Rihaakuru and Fish curry .

Newly married couples always giving preference to Maldives for Honeymoon because of its ultimate beach experience, and a vision of island paradise right from your most vivid dreams. Because the beaches are snow like white and soft as powder warm, blue lagoons are crystal clear, and emerald palms are stirred by gentle tropical fresh air.

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Underwater hotel the Muraka is the first underwater hotel villa but you can visit Muraka in November.It is located more than 16 feet below sea level in the beautiful country of Maldives.And the most amazing view which it gives to the visitors is its panoramic view because of its glass above and under the sea.

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Basically this country is a republic based on the principles of Islam and almost designates Islam as the state religion, therefore it defines in terms of Sunni teachings. Therefore everyone must strictly obey states citizenship duty to preserve and protect Islam . But it is the rule of Maldives that , non-Muslims may not obtain citizenship.