Fully funded scholarship by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia annouce fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students.Students who are living abroad or in Pakistan can participate in the scholarship program.
Approximately 600 fully-funded scholarships has been announced for Pakistani students, from Saudi Arabia.

 Students can study the diploma, Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD levels in the kingdom with the relavent scholarship.The program include subjects of Law, Arabic, Islamic Studies,Political Science, Education, Administration, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, Media Sciences and agriculture.
 Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arabia said students residing in Pakistan and legal residents in the kingdom are eligible for these scholarships.
Apply on the university’s website/online portal each every information is provided their.

Universities of Saudi Arabia has its own eligibility criteria with time frame, students should consult the website directly for the eligibility criteria of each discipline/course/university.

Approximately 25 universities are offering these scholarships.
Universities are responsible to forward the application of the applicants to Saudi Ministry of Education which decides the final award of eligible student.
List of universities are provided here!

1: King Saud University www.ksu.edu.sa
2: King Abdul Aziz University www.kau.edu.sa
3: Hafar Al Batin University www.uhb.edu.sa
4: King Faisal University www.kfu.edu.sa
5: King Khalid University www.portal.kku.edu.sa
6: Jeddah University www.uj.edu.sa
7: Bisha University www.ub.edu.sa
8: Umm-al-Qura University www.uqu.edu.sa
9: Islamic University www.iu.edu.sa
10: Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University www.iu.edu.sa
11: Qassim University www.qu.edu.sa
12: Taibah Univesity www.taibahu.edu.sa
13: Taif University www.tu.edu.sa
14: Hail University www.uoh.edu.sa
15: Jazan University www.nu.edu.sa
16: Al Jouf University www.ju.edu.sa
17: Al Baha University www.prtal.bu.edu.sa
18: Tabuk University www.ut.edu.sa
19: Najran University www.nu.edu.sa
20: Northern Border University www.nbu.edu.sa
21: Princess Nora University www.pnu.edu.sa
22: Imam Abdulrahman University www.iau.edu.sa
23: Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz University www.psau.edu.sa
24: Shaqra University www.sa.edu.sa/en
25: Majmah University www.mu.edu.sa

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