Guest posting or Guest blogging let us to know its true concept

If you are interested in blogging and want to know more about it than you must familiar with Guest posting.  It is different than a regular blog post.A Guest Post is a an article written on someone else's blog for publishing. But if we write something on our own blog its just a "post", but on someone else's blog then the writer is called ‘guest’ and his post is called Guest posts.This  is also known as guest blogging. In guest posting, a writer acts as a  guest author and submits content another publisher.

But it should keep in mind that Guest posts are valuable tools if you want reputation in  marketing . But most people use only for to embed backlinks. On this way if you work for another blogger then you are called 'guest author'.It means you are doing it both get the word out and  get a link back to one of your own  properties. 

Important points about guest posting!

Before reading my article I know that you tried to find out more about guest posting on google search, but i am going to explain it in some easy steps!

1/ Guest posts must be well-written that for search engine it's easy to choose out easily.

2/ Select easy topic that everyone can get through your point easily.

3) Select links which are clickable, helpful and most relevant to the given article.

4/ Avoid posting in site where there is too much guest articles, reason is that your article will be looking useless.

Eligibility for guest posting!

There is no eligibility for writing guest post anyone can write it but here the thing which matters is quality writing. There are less people who  can write really good post that goes viral. Don't be panic first you start normal writing which is not necessary to be viral only to fulfill the requirements of the title which you want to pass it to the readers. Gradually you have full command on quality writing then bloggers will invite you for guest posting.

Start writing with small article but avoid copy-paste it will ruin your all struggle.

Select relavent topic later you can increase its length.Try to write 500 to 1000 words approximately, should be more than but not less.If you write more words like 2500 words your web page may ranked on high position in Google results.If you want to be professional writer then you should increase your writing skills i.e your consistency, writing on time, atleast writing post once per week.

Let's say you are writing article about universities. In this case may you have written articles for posting on someone  blog, and for that posts may have had titles like these.

Top universities of the year,

Ranking universities of the year,

Best European universities of the year

High paying scholarship universities.

These title are highly recommend and accurate headlines for your niche. You should keep in mind that our objective  of a title or best headline is only to get clicked in google search results.

Avoid clickbait, it may make your title attractive but doesn't denote deep, your bounce rate maybe decreased .

Commonly used  clickbaits!

You will be astonished to read it________"

You will never believe that_________ “

You can't get the attention of readers for these falls clickbaits, visitors will no longer stay on your blog, because they will find no useful content but may they leave their bad comment on your post.It will not harm you but not long lasting.

Real and creative titles are!

How to use...

Best review...

Remedy for....

How to integrate...

How to cancel...

Embedding Links relavent..

What is...

How to...

Tips for...

Examples of...

Best examples of...

Benefits of...

Alternatives to get...

How to fix..

These articles is an opportunity to embed a link to other website because their are alot of writers with same titles.

People also check the authority of your webpage they were don't just want to reference your link.They want to reference other  as well. Outbound links should be good and attractive also. Because selection of another link means you click on the link it would take you to another website . You can select links more than one but the main thing is their relavency and helpful to the article you need to place the right number of links, therefore their is no set number.

But, if you're new and still need a guideline then place just one link from a guest post into every 500 words. Even if your guest post is standard, too many links can make it appear useless. Because people will decide it while they read your article, and facing irrelevant outbound link will make them uncomfortable.

Major publications without contributors is nothing. Other than Rank Brain and Google .Stylometry is the main thing for google on this way they are practicing of identifying an author based on their own style of writing article.

Guest posts are actually a paid content , and everyone is devoted to paid to the guest posts writer. 

Almost whole industry is based on paid guest posting. Writer may generate thousands of articles on different topics for pasting under various names on many sites. Select unique type of guest post which are not used on many sites,or not worsen. Spending money on such Guest posts is useless because Google algorithm will not count it.The link will not passing authority, even on  Google.Google is asking blog owners who allow guest posts .


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