How Patellofemoral Pain (PFPS) developese its symptoms ,causes and cure at home

 Patellofemoral pain(PFPS) is usually the pain at the front of your knee, around your kneecap (patella). It is also called "runner's knee," it's more common in people who participate in sports that involves more physical activities. 

What are the main causes of PFPS!

Repetitive use of the knee.
Participating in activities like running.
Quadriceps muscle weakness (inner quad).
Gluteus muscle weakness.
Overlanding of the front knee.
Abnormal kneecap movement.
Equipment error i.e wearing wrong footwear.


Pain in the knee is the main symptom of PFPS.This pain can be feel around the knee. The pain can be feel in one or both knees.
Another symptom of PFPS is mild swelling in the pain area.
PFPS pain can be feel during squatting or coming downstairs.
Discomfort or pain feels when you have PFPS during sitting for long time.

According to wikipedia check this link please!

Wikipedia full research on PFPS


PFPS is not diagnosed by a special clinical test like x-ray or scan ,for this syndrome important clues and finding are suitable. Clinical experience examining is very helpful in making a correct diagnosis.


According to latest research the structural exercise program is the best in this condition and results in the best therapy. But this exercise should be begin after doctor examination. They will recommend you some specific muscle groups for movement. Then you can perform it at home easily, with your painkillers.

Special Exercise at home !

If your doctor diagnosed you for PFPS then you can perform special and harmless exercise at home easily, put your affected leg behind the other leg. Keep your back leg fully in straight condition just keep pressure on your heel by pressing the floor, bend your front knee and bring your hip and chest towards the wall on doing so you feel a stretch in the calf of your back leg. By holding this stretched position for about 15 to 30 seconds is the best way to get rid of PFPS. At this point you must repeat the whole exercise 2 to 5 times a day.

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