How awareness about Marasmus can minimize this condition

 Marasmus is a type of malnutrition. A person is said to be a Marasmic when the intake of nutrients and energy is too low for him or her. In this condition the body fat and muscle become losses. A child with marasmus may not grow as children usually do.

The main deficiencies of Marasmic patient is!

Main deficiency causes




vitamin A.

The main symptom of marasmus is being underweight. Children with this condition have lost a lot of muscle and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous is the area under the skin. Dry skin and brittle hair are also symptoms of Marasmic children may look older and have little to no energy .

Growing up in a developing country is a risk factor for marasmus. Areas that have high rates of poverty have higher percentages of children with marasmus. Nursing mothers may be unable to produce enough breast milk due to malnutrition. As a result the generation is malnourished.

A doctor can diagnosis of marasmus through a physical exam. Measurements, of height and weight, can help whether a child has marasmus. When those measurements are well below the measurements that a healthy child of a same age should have, marasmus. Marasmus is difficult to diagnose using blood tests. This is because many children with marasmus also have infections that can affect blood test results.

Marasmus is basically a name for insufficient food in a body. As a result, the body draws on its structure resulting in emaciation. 

Special care

 Marasmic patient should be isolated from other patients, especially children with infections.

 Treatment areas should be  warm . Bathing should be avoided to limit hypothermia. 

Patient should be hospitalized to keep him safe.

Best article on Marasmus

The causes, symptoms, treatments  

Marasmus is severe malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency. Marasmus is inadequate energy intake including proteins.

Nutrient deficiency is also the main cause of marasmus. It occurs in those children who's capibility is not allowing to ingest carbohydrates,protein, calories, and other important nutrients. This is mainly due to poverty and a scarcity of food. 


Treatment with dried skim milk powder mixed with boiled water. Vegetable oil such as sesame, casein. Casein is milk protein. This oil increases the energy .

If a child or a person starts to recover, they should have a more balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs in the future.

Dehydrations is also a problem .A child may not necessarily need fluids delivered intravenously. Oral hydration may be sufficient.

Marasmic patient are more close to infections therefore treatment with antibiotics or other medications is standard. Infection treatment can help give them the best chance of recovery.

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The best and the only way to prevent marasmus is to have an adequate intake of calories and protein, preferably from a healthful, well-balanced diet.Which contain all the important nutrients for everyone.

Pre care protection is better then cure.

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