Check your disease here and contacts for appointment on the go

     Here is the best place to find doctors from all over the world for any disease. For online appointment please click highlighted link.

 1/   If you have any type of eye problem you can contact these doctors 24 hourly to get easy appointment.

Eye specialist in Lahore Pakistan

 2/  If you have any pneumonia or respiratory disorder contact here

  Pneumonia care center

 3/  Vein treatment or varicose veins problem full treatment with laser fully satisfied client from here.

  Varicose veins 

  Doctor Akram

  Doctor Akram from alshifa      Islamabad

 4/  Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer diagnosed in the women all over the world. Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control.

  For more detail

Best article by shaukat khanum

  For urgent appointment please contact in Lahore

 Shaukat khanum memorial hospital Lahore

 Patient in Islamabad can get their online appointment here

  Islamabad cancer best doctors

  Patient in Karachi can treat breast cancer from the world best doctors and get online information and appointment from these doctors

  Karachi best surgeon is here

  Patient from Peshawar can take  online appointment from top class best surgeons

 Peshawar best breast cancer surgeons  

5/  Laser hair removal cost in Pakistan ranges from PKR 4000 to PKR 10,000. It varies depending upon various factors such as size of the area being treated and time required for treatment, number of treatments required, doctor who is doing the procedure and hospital/equipment expenditure. For online appointment from all over PAKISTAN click the link below!

 Laser hair removal

6/  For all type of skin related problems visit Dr Abdul Hameed  he is qualified and experienced skin specialist (dermatologist) for more information and online appointment check this link

  Dr Abdul Hameed skin specialist




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