Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) told us "Use the Kalonji for indeed,it is a remedy for all diseases except death."Subhan Allah
According to new research by American medical science that coronavirus can be cured by simple malarial dose chloroquine.
   The composition of malarial dose is simple Hydroxy chloroquine which is a derivative of thymoquinone which is present in Black seed(kalonji)
 There is Hadith Holy Prophet(SAW)
1400 years ago.

Functions and properties 

Roghan kalonji has the following functions 
5/uterine stimulant 
10/stomach and liver tonic

Medicinal uses of Roghan kalonji

Cumin or kalonji oil has got following vast applications and its dosage in variety of ailments is as under:-

1:Falling and weak hair:

 Kalonji oil not only checks falling hair but makes the hair grow strong, glossy,and disease free.

1:Fair skin and face beauty :

 For this purpose mix a small quantity of red ochre and 6 drops of cumin or kalonji oil and massage on hands,face and neck.While in the morning massage your face with mixture of lemon juice and kalonji oil.Afterwards wash with lukewarm water.

3:Ear diseases:

 In case of ear pain put a drop of Roghan kalonji in the ear.You will be definitely get cure from ear pain.

4:Joint pains:

 Message the joint with cumin or kalonji oil and also take 2.Mel kalonji oil before breakfast and at night. 


 Take 50 grams Henna powder in 250 ml olive oil and boil for 5 minutes .Apply it on the pile's sores alongwith 4 drops of Roghan kalonji or cumin.

6:For improvement of memory :

 Boil 25 grams of mint and into it add one spoonful of honey and 10 drops of Roghan kalonji and drink while lukewarm. 

7:For sexual enhancement:

 Drink 7 drops of Cumin or kalonji oil along with honey.

8:Burning of urine :

 Add 8 drops of Roghan kalonji in 250 ml milk and drink with one spoonful of honey. 

9:Headache and dizzeness :

Kalonj or black cumin

 Add 7 drops of Roghan kalonji in cuts and take thrice in a day. Also rub with the kalonji oil at the pain area.

10:Hith blood pressure and heart ailments :

 Drinking of roghan kalonj with any syrup is very effective for high blood pressure.

11:Cancer :

Add 2.5 no of cumin or kalonji oil in carrot juice and drink twice for three months .

12:Asthma :

Drink half teaspoon  (2.5 ml) Roghan kalonji in lukewarm milk before breakfast and before going to bed.Mix a teaspoon of Roghan kalonji in boiling water and take its steam twice in a day and massage throat and chest with the cumin or kalonji oil thrice in a day.

13:Eczema :

 Boil 10 gm black cumin for 5 minutes,10 gmQist shireen,10gm Sinamaki and 25 gms of Henna leaves in 500 ml of vinegar and then filter it.Now add Roghan kalonji to it and apply the lotion twice in a day.Also eat one spoonful of honey by adding 10 drops of Roghan kalonji in it.

14:Throat ache:

 Carry garging by water having few drops of drops of Righan kalonji and also drink half a cup of it slowly .

15:Bitter belches and indigestion :

 Add honey and half spoon of Roghan kalonji in warm water and drink.

16:Ringworm :

 Massage of black cumin or kalonj oil on affected area thrice a day is very beneficial. 


 Take 3 gmail Podina (mint),3 gms Darchini (Cinnamon), 2.5 gms tablem salt and 6 grain cardamom in water and prepare like tea and drunk about 100 ml alongwith 5 drops of Roghan kalonji after every two hours. 

18:Constipation :

 In half spoon black cumin or kalwangi oil mix Sinamaki half spoon and drink it with lukewarm milk before sleep .

19:Obesity :

 Daily take two glass of water containing juice of one lemon and 4 drops of kalwangi oil. Stop eating inbetween-meals and always eat less than hunger  (this treatment is not for kidney patients ).

20:Diabetes :

 Take 12 gm kalonji seeds, 6 gms each of kasni and Methy seeds and pulverize them.Take 3 gm from it and eat twice alongwith 5 drops of kalonji oil .Whereas drink a cup of Kerala water  (Momordica charantia) on every third day.

    Black cumin or kalonj oil is natural and it is very popular in all over the world because of its multipurpose uses.
Dear readers please I wrote this article after long research please appreciate and share this important information to the world.